Pursuit of Passion is the charming culinary journey of Jamie Bordonaro along with the culnmination of inspired concepts. The development of a culinary concept is the culmination of a chef's professional and personal experience. In each "recipe" one can identify various distinguishing factors of a chef’s tendencies in regards to flavor, technique, and aesthetic approach. Each plate is a genuine reflection of a chef’s cultural background, family history, and childhood nostalgia.


My previous experience in New York includes a culinary externship from the Culinary Institute of America with Picholine Restaurant, one incredibly valuable year with Bouley, and two and a half years working through the illustrious Le Bernardin restaurant. The exposure to such exquisite examples of culinary greatness at such high levels of execution has undoubtedly inspired the culinary concepts which comprise this project. The quality education from Central Connecticut State University also helped to enrich the literary prowess which fortifies the culinary concepts of the Pursuit of Passion.

Pursuit of Passion