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After six years of sacrifice, persistence, patience, and a multitude of hours spent creating, writing, editing, cooking, and revising, Pursuit of Passion is finally complete!

I must wholeheartedly thank all of those who have been supportive of this endeavor.

- The team at Knepper Press demonstrated great skill and care with the craftsmanship of the finished product.

- Laura Onisto is not only my cousin, but an incredibly gifted graphic design expert. She introduced me to Adobe InDesign to begin the construction of the book and fine-tuned every element within to create an extraordinary professional aesthetic appeal.

- C. Flanagan Flynn of the Storyteller’s Cottage in Simsbury, Connecticut performed a comprehensive edit to the book that addressed grammatical needs as well as encouraged me to elaborate and unravel various sections of the story.

- Monique Sourinho captured the culinary bliss within the cover photos along with several other vibrant and pristine action shots and finished plates.

- Chef Tyler Anderson of Millwrights in Simsbury, Connecticut has been an incredible mentor as my Chef and has shown unrelenting support throughout my journey.

This project means a great deal to me and I hope that it brings joy and inspiration to others. My emphasis on the “Pursuit” of Passion is to signify the importance of taking action and creating opportunities for yourself.

I also believe that Connecticut has an incredibly vast culinary community, looming with talented, driven, and passionate chefs. I hope to aid in a well-deserved increase in recognition on a national scale.

The emphasis I place on wellness and mental health is also a critical element to this project. The initial embarkation on this journey contributed to a personal evaluation which led to a pattern of positive decisions and choices. I hope to promote a greater sense of awareness in regards to the maintenance of overall mental health and wellness.

Please be well on your Pursuit of Passion!

Thank you!

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