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Monday, May 24, 2021

Roe Mosaic

Roe Mosaic 

Fish roe is an outstanding way to kick off an incredible meal, due to its intensely briny, salty and savory characteristics. Different types of roe, from caviar to trout to salmon, contain unique variances in texture, color, and flavor. Trout and salmon roe share a distinctly orange tint, while contrasts are evident in size. The prized caviar from the beautiful sturgeon is a deep black, and sumptuously briny and salty in flavor. Eccentric Tobiko flying fish roe comes from the Japanese arsenal and provides a bright green, crunchy element to the plate. And, of course sea urchin roe, known as Uni, is succulently soft in texture and tongue shaped, with incredible umami and briny characteristics. 


Rather than presenting the variations of roe in a posh and orderly fashion, a mosaic provides an artistic approach to displaying these delicious delicacies. Sea scallops become the foundation of this plate and serve as the canvass to this multicolored masterpiece. Thinly slice sea scallops and gently press thin to layer the bottom of the plate. Dress the scallops with a simple lemon-lime vinaigrette, season with salt and Espelette pepper, and cover with a layer of interspersed varieties of caviar. Blend the sea urchin with crème fraiche and lemon juice and pipe in small dollops throughout the mosaic. Each bite of this work of art aptly awakens the appetite and triumphantly tantalizes the tongue. 

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