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The development of a culinary concept is the culmination of a chef’s professional and personal experience. In each “recipe” one can identify various distinguishing factors of a chef’s tendencies in regards to flavor, technique, and aesthetic approach. Each plate is a genuine reflection of a chef’s cultural background, family history, and childhood nostalgia. Without overlooking the significance of nutrition in a meal, dishes created by culinary professionals carry with them powerful emotional meaning and sentiment.

My grandmother, born in Siracusa, Sicily has been the most significant and powerful influence on my decision to pursue cooking as a profession. Growing up in an Italian family, the dinner table was host to some of the most enjoyable and joyous occasions. Holiday and birthday celebrations were not complete without an incredible meal, put together by my incredibly gifted and generous grandmother. From her exquisite tomato sauce to her handcrafted bread twisted perfectly into symetrical braided loaves, it is from her that I learned how the amount of love one has for those that they are cooking, is a fundamental element to creating perfection on a plate. It is not enough to claim that one merely loves food and cooking, for the love and appreciation of who we cook for is far more important.

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