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Scallop "Rossini”

Smoked Scallop "Rossini" is a playful take on the traditional French Rossini dish, which typically involves filet mignon, topped with a decadent slice of sautéed foie gras, served with a rich sauce. For this version, I lightened it up a bit-which will undoubtedly happen to the guests as they travel from course to course- using scallops in place of filet mignon. The Sea scallop will be smoked lightly, then sautéed on one side beautifully golden brown, keeping the scallop rare. When all of the components are complete, the scallop will be lightly warmed in a dashi broth, fairly heavy on bonito that will be thickened with gelatin to glaze the scallop. The foie gras will be cleaned, deveined, passed through a tammis, and marinated in a flavorful broth consisting of yuzu, ginger juice, soy sauce, mirin and sake. After marinating for one half hour period, the foie gras will be blended with a Sauternes reduction, and a touch of cream, to create a delicious broth of foie gras- to be heated gently until the foie gras is cooked, but still a liquid broth- which will surround the scallop. A small portion of foie gras will be sliced in small dice and placed in the marinating liquid to semi pickle. The cubes will be brought to a light simmer to just cook to medium rare, and then the liquid will be reduced and mounted with foie gras fat to glaze the cubes. 


This will be served inside the natural scallop shell, and topped with micro shiso.

I have always enjoyed working with scallops, but have never incorporated smoke into their preparation in a professional kitchen. The scallop’s natural sweetness provides a perfect balance for the smoking technique, and pickling foie gras not only cuts through its intrinsic richness, but also serves to beautifully accompany the smoked scallop. The rich broth brings about the seductive savory nature of the Rossini preparation.

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